Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Answering a Few Questions:

Where can I find out about field trips?

The Goschooler field trips are always emailed to our members. Check out the Destinations and Events tabs to get great ideas for places for your family to enjoy!

Why aren't the field trips listed on the website?

Most of our field trip venues require a total - some specified by the venue (like seats for the ballet), others specified by me (like the trip to the capitol when we needed to find space for lunch). In both cases, an accurate number would be next to impossible if every visitor to the site could drop in on whatever was planned. Also, websites on mobile devices are more likely to be skimmed than read. As our field trips may have necessary details about RSVP'ing, arrival times, ways to get the discount, etc. the best way to share those details is through email. 

I signed up for Goschoolers, but have not received any emails. Why?

A few people who initiated the sign-up process have not confirmed their membership. If that is you, search your email for "Goschoolers" and follow the directions to confirm. If you ARE confirmed, the emails may be redirected to a spam or promotions folder. Though I try to do my best when creating the emails to avoid those triggers, please help me by relabeling Goschoolers emails in your email files.

Why isn't Goschoolers on facebook?

Honestly, because it's founder (me) is afraid of wasting my life on facebook, so I'm not yet there myself. But I can see that it is a social necessity, and so we will be! (When I can take a break from planning stuff and get it done.) However, for the reasons mentioned above, only general announcements of upcoming events will be posted there. Facebook posts will STILL direct you to your email to find field trip information.

Thanks for asking! And thanks for stopping by! is one month old and has grown to 75 members already! As it grows, we look forward to other upgrades - things like breaking out areas into their own separate events and destinations pages, growing beyond Utah so it not only becomes a resource for more people, but a fun way to plan family vacations too,  and having things listed in a calendar layout instead of a list to scroll through. 

Keep your questions, suggestions, comments, and reviews coming! Together, we can build an amazing tool for families up for an adventure! Happy Learning!

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