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Goschooling Increases Information Retention
Scientists have studied for years why we remember certain information and experiences and forget others. Though the why's below will hardly seem earth-shattering, it's a great reminder to Goschool! It's one of the best ways to learn!

Information is retained more easily when it is:
1. Pleasant, happy, enjoyable, or interesting - We humans (blessedly) tend to repress unhappy or stressful episodes. Goschooling is a great way to make great memories that also happen to be full of great information!

2. Absorbed using multiple senses - Not surprisingly, ideas and subjects only passively read are more easily forgotten. Goschoolers go, touch, feel, see, and hear about the wide world around them. They enjoy FULL memories, not fact memories.

3. Personally significant - When we can physically BE at a place or DO or WITNESS, we increase our personal significance to information. Not to mention, we will likely find the information more interesting, and that increases retention too!

4. Related to familiar concepts - It's hard to hang onto isolated informational tidbits. The adventures of goschoolers not only tie concepts together, but they often offer unplanned context to future learning!

5. Reviewed - Sharing your Goschooling adventures - creating a memory you are excited to relive over and over - is one of the most enjoyable ways of reviewing information! So don't forget to give grandma a call, invite friends over to hear all about your trip, or comment about it right here on the Goschoolers blog!

Happy Adventuring!

PS: Read all about what helps us remember and what causes us to forget here.

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  1. Your class and conference have influenced my teaching of 9 year olds! Thanks!