Monday, July 6, 2015

Loving Summer

I do! I LOVE it! Yes, the heat wears me out and makes the kids ornery, but no one has any productivity expectations so we can fully enjoy ourselves, guilt-free! And cheap summer fun is so easy to come-by. If you are running out of ideas, try a new park or splash pad. Head up any local canyon for cooler temperatures and a relaxing stroll, hike, or picnic. Switch your watering schedule and tell the kids to suit up to run through the sprinklers as you water the lawn. Do a firepit and cook s'mores for evening fun. Escape the afternoon exhaustion and take in a matinee at a local cheap theater when it's hot outside. Your kids will probably love a ride on public transportation - destination: any of the local free museums around the state! Invite your friends to any and all you do for an instant party! (Don't forget to tell them about!)

For other fun ideas, visit the events page. I added a few new events TODAY. Enjoy!