Friday, May 1, 2015

Inspiration For the Week: The Gift to TRY

The times I've wished I could just KNOW how something would turn out before I did it are too many to count. Before I take action, often I've found myself wishing that I could get even a sense of the results of that action. Like when I chose to marry my husband - why couldn't I get a vision of the 4 beautiful kids that would be ours? Or when I chose to homeschool - why couldn't I taste some of the joy of having my kids with me on the adventure we call life BEFORE I took on a task like home-education?

Those are the biggies. But smaller plans for the future, like field trips and family vacations, carry that same inner longing I have to KNOW, before I go, what is going to happen - if we will be happy, and the positive end results of our choices.

Recently I read in a book of scripture about sons who were asked to do the seemingly impossible. The more experienced brothers, having personally tasted of the challenges, hung back. The youngest brother held to his faith and hope, despite having also experienced personally the setbacks and dangers involved in their impossible mission. He said he acted, "Not knowing before hand the things [he] should do." His willingness to TRY not only brought success, but the experience of acting WITHOUT prior knowledge gave him added strength to face future challenges - a benefit his brothers couldn't receive because they hadn't acted to see the task through.

As I reflected on their experiences, I've realized the great gift of TRYING has been in my life. Though I have wished to know, I have grown so much as I've been willing to act without knowing. I've been challenged, stretched, faced failure, and met with unexpected success.

And STILL I find myself hesitant to commit without great, juicy details, or some one's assurance it will work out or be worth it. That's fine too. There is wisdom in the old adage, "Look before you leap." But this week, I'm celebrating the Gift to Try. Celebrate with me by trying something new, even if all your worries haven't been settled. And share how you've grown from doing so below!

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